Pre-Conference Training Workshops for Students

Opportunity for IIBA students to combine

Dear IIBA students,
Dear IIBA local and international Faculty members,
Dear CBTs (for your information)

The IIBA Teaching Committee along with the Scientific Committee are promoting a new project that can benefit students who may have missed a training workshop in their regular Program and would want to make up for this missed workshop by combining a 2-days Pre-Conference Training Workshop with their registration to the next International IIBA Conference in Toronto, Canada.

Here are the details regarding this project:
Two 2-days workshops will be offered on May 23-24, 2017, prior to the Conference. There will be two (2) “tracks” so to speak:

  • one of the workshop will focus on a pre-clinical theme, for students who are the pre-clinical level:
    - Title of the pre-clinical workshop is: “The significance of Aggression in Organization and Expression of the Self
    - It will be lead by Anat Gihon, IIBA Faculty member from Israel
    - Limit: 16 participants
    - Detailled information ... clicking here ! pdf
  • another workshop will focus on a clinical theme, for students who have reached the clinical level:
    - Title of the clinical workshop is: “Contact and touch - The appropriate distance in Bioenergetic Analysis
    - It will be lead by Thomas Heinrich, IIBA Faculty member from Germany
    - Limit: 16 participants
    - Detailled information ... clicking here !  pdf

A detailed information on both the Pre-Clinical and the Clinical workshops will be posted shortly in a separate document.

• These workshops will be held in English since the logistics of trying to accommodate various languages proves to be hardly workable at this stage of the project;
• The students who will be attending these workshops will have to get approval from their coordinating trainer to be registered as participants;
• The students will be asked to pay a minimal administrative fee of 75$US and the cost of the room will be at their charge;

Regarding registration to the workshops:
   ◊ priority will be given to students WHO NEED to make up for missed workshops in their Program. The registration will be done on a first come first serve basis.
   Students who DO NOT NEED to make up for missed workshops but who may be interested in one of the workshops can still send their Register Form in. However, their names will be put on a waiting list until January 31st, 2017. By that date, if there are still openings in the workshops, they will receive within 2 weeks a confirmation of their registration to the workshop of their choice, or will be told that, regrettably, there are no openings left in the workshop they chose. The principle of first come, first serve will be applied in this case as well.

Registration Form (.doc)
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We encourage the students who would be interested in registering for one or the other of these workshops to contact their Coordinating Trainer to make sure that they have his or her approval before sending in their registration.
We also ask Coordinating Trainers and regular trainers who believe some of their students could benefit from this opportunity to make up for a missed workshop, to encourage them to take advantage of this new possibility.

Due to the complexity of this specific process, Selection, Registration and payment of the fee will be handled directly by the IIBA office.

If you are interested, please download the registration form by clicking on the picture  ----->

  Louise Fréchette, Chair of the IIBA Pre-Conference Training Committee
  Diana Guest, member
  Danita Hall, member
  Odila Weigand, member

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